Why Kanye West Is The Man…Part 2 With A Side of Damn Amber!

Her outfit...bawse

Here’s 1,000 words for you. The first one starts with an “F.” Pics found on MissInfo’s site.

Closer … No Neyo (the Sexy Amber Rose)

These are kinda NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Only a few hours left anyway. Don’t get fired.

Amber if you have a google alert on your name…your welcome. Here I go.

It gets better than this though: [more pics]

Cubana Lust Pretty Much Naked Soaking In My Jacuzzi | Radio The Rahim

Vodpod videos no longer available.

oh man i lied in my title somethin awful!!! she is not in my jacuzzi, but you ain’t mad you watched this either way, right homies?

Cubana Lust + Your Eyes = Great Success

i have nothing to say.

i have nothing to say. Click The Pic For More.

“great success” is the antonym of “epic fail.” Cubana Lust = “Great Success.”

To see Cubana Lust in the Jacuzzi.

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Thursdays Starting 2/5 @ The China Club

The sexiest spot to keep yourself warm at on a Thursday night. We won’t let in the riffraff. Bet you leave there with a number 😉

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won't you add a brother?
won’t you add a brother?

The Sexiest Asian Woman I Have Never Seen. Wow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wow. I mean, WOW. via Sex, Cameras, and Hip Hop. Mature Content Inside.

more about “The Sexiest, Freakiest Woman In The W…“, posted with vodpod

Ludacris + Plies + A Nasty Girl

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Good Grief. I find her guilty on all counts of sexy.

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Jacki-O on the Cover of SMOOTH MAGAZINE



I wonder if she knows I love her. That’s her and I below.

Its a form of expressing true love.

Its a form of expressing true love.

Tahiri or Tahiti: I’ll Call You Whatever You Want

I vow to help Joe Budden out. I am a fan, so I will post all his videos.