Joe Budden Disputes Tahiry Saying That He Beat Her, Says He Caught Her Cheating

Joe Budden states a few items that I find valuable for discussion, whether one agrees with him or not:

1- is “mushing” a woman okay? under what circumstances? He says he caught her cheating.

He says, “I mushed the shit out of her ass.” “…and I think she was asking to get mushed.”

2- he states that cheating can be good, because once a person does it and feels remorseful they may be driven to remain monogamous after that.

3- how do we forgive people as a society? If he really did beat her…should we even forgive him? Chris Brown? Is it our business?

Personally, as Tahiry is a friend of mine, I believe her side of the story…but share your thoughts on these points if you feel so inclined.

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Exclusive: Tahiry Talks About Being Young and In Love With Fabolous via Radio The Rahim

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Kanye Shrug

When it comes to relationships, hey you never know. #kanyeshrug

Tahiry gets to speak on her side of the story regarding her relationship with FA-BO-LO-US. It seems like everyone was cool with the situation…I know in my case I get funny style when I find out someone smashed dated the homies. But it ain’t me, fruckit. If the time elapsed is far enough and the girl is bad enough, I probably who knows i might do a similar thing in the future. Shout out to Tahiry again that’s one cool lady.

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and guess what? you and I are gonna watch it.

Tahiry and Joe Budden React To My Saigon Interview for VladTV

I tried to told yall. The craziest thing is that I am still a Joe Budden fan… effit

Joe surprisingly comments on how She actually wants to escalate the beef to a violent level at times more than he does.

To see my interview w/ Saigon Where He Got At them, click here.

Exclusive: Saigon vs Joe Budden, says Joe called & Begged Him to End Beef | Vlad TV

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lol @ “what type of grown ass man be saying awwwwn.” I am a joe budden fan, regardless. watch out for the drop belowwww……..

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Tahiri or Tahiti: I’ll Call You Whatever You Want

I vow to help Joe Budden out. I am a fan, so I will post all his videos.