You Gon’ Think I Invented Text: The Remix (Ladies Don’t Pick Up The Phone Either) & The Video feat @CandiedJamz

oh you thought it was just us guys being obnoxious????

Here is my homegirl CandiedJamz:

jamz. not to be confused with jelly.

You gon' think she invented text 2.

I’d rather text than talk.

1. ET Phone Home. Growing up all I did was talk on the phone. I mean hours and hours. I would fall asleep on the phone, and the guy would be like ‘are you sleep?’ and I would say ‘no I’m up’.  I just loved talking on the phone, for what reason, I don’t know. Now, you couldn’t pay me to stay on the phone for ONE hour, let alone multiple ones. Ugh.

2. Circles not squares. I really hate circular conversations. You know the types…A: what are you doing? B: nothing. You? A: nothing, how you been? B: fine. You? It gets to be really annoying. No one wants to just hold a phone and give/get one word questions and answers. It’s corny, and an all around waste of time.

3. Mental Stimulation Verbal Penetration. I have noticed from personal experience that sometimes it’s easier to text/BBM/email something you want to say rather than tell a person on the phone or in person. That might be feelings, breaking up, business, etc. Sometimes texting is my ‘liquid courage.’

If you want to talk to me, text or BBM me
. I’m more likely to answer a twitter @reply (@candiedjamz) than to answer my phone. There are are far better things you could be doing with your tongue, than using it to talk.

*drops mic*

Rahim: Thank you Ms. Jamz…and here is the visual. Ironically, our blog post came out wayyy before this video, but why hate just because they bit? It’s interesting.

“Motorcycle Diaries: El Che”

Posted by: Mo Cool

In the Midst of the era of hipster chic and southern bop and sway, the lyricist is still relevant. More so than the lyricist is the ability to connect to fans on a level that supersedes the radio single or the mainstream video. Chicago artist Rhymefest has taken his music and hit the streets with it by literally staying with fans as a means to showcase his music and connect on a face to face level. In an industry that is falling maybe if all artists showcased this type of dedication, there sales would stop plummeting. And mind you this man is the Grammy award winning co-writer of Jesus Walks and various other hits.

Ladies: What’s your Indicator that he might be Packing?? [Female Guest Blogger]

do you live in smallville?

do you live in smallville?

[this post is property of Nicole Spence |]

Lmao! Lmao! Ok don’t ask me why this is on my mind so early in the morning but it is.
My girls and I are always talking about size. Yes because to us more honestly me, size does matter. But I just think it’s unfair the way some of these dudes can set you up for a disappointing discovery!
I normally stay with a certain body frame, because more than likely he’ll have some down there that I will likey! Lol. For me its all about Tall and Lean, you know a nice athletic build. I’m figuring the short rounder men, are going to have exactly that. Short and stubby! Am I bugging??

An older friend of mine tells me its all in the way he walks, she actually tries to spot the gap between his legs, she says its like there a big bulge forcing their legs apart, u know he’s the guy who sits real wide. And she does have a pretty good track record of” Big Daddy’s” in her life. Hmmm Interesting..

Another friends said it’s all about the Feet! I’m a bit shaky on that theory, because all though she had a size 14 stunner, there’s another girl who had size 12dud-.

My cousin was like ” oh, please I give up, every time I think I got one he turns out to be small! But normally if he’s 6’1 or taller he’s usually decent down there!” You don’t say?

I just think its unfair that men have a pretty good gauge what a woman’s body would be like naked.. And for us ladies we just never know, why do we have to be on that Forest Gump box of chocolates ??

Cut the Shit! Fellas WTH, what should I be looking for? What are the signs, when it’s crowded down there?!

Ladies share your indicators and success stories using that method with me will ya?!! Prevent any more women from having paedophile moments!

P.S.A.- If you’re not packing any heat, I think you should let your lady know ahead of time, instead of crying Wolf! If she suffered from Vaginal dryness wouldn’t you want to know early? Well it’s the same Shit!

“Don’t Trust A Ho!” [Guest Blogger][via Radio The Rahim]

Don't Trust A Ho.

Don't Trust A Ho.

[by Guest Blogger – E For Short]

*Editor’s Comments – Right on, nig!

Be cordial, be polite, but don’t trust a ho. Don’t judge a ho either. If you’re a ho be a good ho, but I don’t trust you. Let’s be clear a ho can be a man or a woman, some may argue more men than women (I wouldn’t but let’s save that for another day). Men should never trust a ho based on their sexual preference, i.e. if you like dudes and the one you like is a ho, don’t put your faith in him. Women can’t trust ho’s no matter the circumstance.

Sorry ladies, but its true. If you’re friend is a ho, LOOKOUT. She is trying to get with your man/woman not now, but right now as you’re reading this. ‘She’s been my friend for years now and despite her lifestyle she is a good person.’ No one said anything about her being bad or good. I said trusting that ho. She has slept with at least half of your boyfriends either while you were with them or as soon as you broke up with them. And by ‘as soon’ I mean you called her crying me and such& such just broke up and while you were still pouring your heart out over the phone she was hopping in the car on the way to his house. She didn’t even change her clothes or check to see if he was home. She just going over there to circle the block and see is he is nearby to get it in. She has definitely flirted with 100% of the men you are vaguely interested in and made a pass at most of them. Am I saying you can’t be friends with a ho? Well, if you don’t mind not trusting your friends around people you like then that’s not what I’m saying. The friend-ho is bad the man-ho is no different.

You definitely can’t change a man-ho into a house-husband. It’s not happening. If he gets the chance, which he will, a man-whore will snatch up some snatch before you can blink twice. Oh, he’s changed you say. He’s not as immature as he used to be and he loves you. Word? Just because a ho loves you doesn’t mean that he is going to stop tricking. A ho is a ho, is a ho. Church can I get an amen? AMEN!
There are cheating ass men, men that have cheated, and ho’s (this is by no means an exhaustive list of all types of men). 3 different things. Men that have cheated may have done it once or twice, had a bad relationship, going through a Jekyll & Hyde phase, or something like that. Cheating ass men…cheat, that’s what they do. They actually get into a relationship knowing damn well they’re going to cheat. I think they actually may even start a monogamous relationship just so they can cheat. A ho has no business in a relationship and knows that and was perfectly fine ho-ing until you came around and decided ho-ship shall no longer be his occupation. C’mon now, you met him through a friend he that you knew he was having sex with in a club that you saw him leave with another girl. Not to mention all the rumors and stories you heard about him through pretty much everyone. What ‘usually’ distinguishes a man-whore from a man dating is mo’s (man+ho =mo) whole operative is based on deception.
Their like the James bonds of potential STDs. That’s right I said it- STDs. Based on no surveyical (you like that word, I know) information, 90% of mo’s have, are, or will be burning. It’s an unproven fact; ask your male-ho-friend. If he hesitates then he is about to lie (see mo’s deceive) and yes he had one. If he doesn’t hesitate then he’s lying and currently has one or will be burning by the end of this blog post. This isn’t a men bashing article, this is a don’t trust that ho *EPA*warning and there are plenty of women ho’s.
Fellas don’t, that’s all I have to say…just don’t. Don’t trust a ho as far as you can throw her. And if she’s some small itty bitty ho and you’re a big brolic dude, then don’t use that metaphor use something else that signals distrust. ‘Yo man, I know she piped the whole team, my cousin, and gimp-leg Larry from down the block but things is different now.’ What’s different? Larry’s leg is still gimpy and she’s still a ho. ‘She’s been through a lot, nah mean; her uncle did bad things to her when she was younger and her ex-boyfriend did this or that.’ I’m really sorry to hear that and those are terrible things, but ummm I’m not really talking about the causes of ho-ship or what pushed said ho into ho-dom. It’s clear at this moment she is a ho and a ho is going to do a ho’s work, i.e. Ho-ing. Meaning she got a titty in someone’s face at this very moment. Turn around, QUICK! She just flashed your dad and you didn’t even notice it. Am I saying ho’s don’t deserve love? If you don’t mind either a) putting GPS on her, watching her every move like a crazed jealous lover, which I might add Michael Strahan did but like any good she-ho, she is great at the art of deception so was still able to love de next man’s buddy or B) throw trust to the wind, not care she’s doing everybody and you’re going to love her for who she is…riiight. Well, if either of those seems like decent choices then no I’m not saying ho’s don’t deserve love. What I am saying is: don’t trust a ho.



I bet EVERYTHING on my wedding ring… giving you the best that i got .. “wifey” need not apply

The other day i wrote a status message that read

“i will not play wifey as a girlfriend”

which stirred up so much chit chat on what women MUST do in order to become “Wifey” in a mans eyes

Look guys…. yall are spoiled plain and simple.

Being in the company of a man is not an audition…. I DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU

women bend over backwards to show men ” how much i like him”

you go from eating out to cooking a nice meal in your house… making him cozy….

when has he cooked for you?

Dating should be a process of where you see how in tune you are with your partner…. not for the representatives to play footsie…

i mean you do understand that you are setting a precedent with all these niceties?

the funny part of it all is you ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE… EVER

trust me when i tell you…. bend over backwards for that man if you want to… there is someone else on the audition that has another day booked…. ON YOUR HEELS!

for example…. and this is blowing my own situation up…. but i was dating this guy … who refused to call me in the morning to say hello…. this dude would call me at 4 pm like how are you????

HOW AM I????? dont ask me now dude :/

so i brought it to his attention….

“you know… if you want to get to the next level with me you should show interest …. like a call in the morning would be nice… to let me know im on your mind”

but to keep it real… i knew JUST MY SAYING THAT i was going to cut him off lol

“yeah i dont want to be like the rest of the dudes and call you in the morning…im not them”

” THEY ARE AHEAD OF YOU… so sleep if you like… not a problem…” THIS IS WHAT I SAID TO HIS FACE

The next day we went to go eat breakfast…. while we were at breakfast i told him in about 30 mins my “role call” will begin and i want him to count how many dudes wish me a good day”

By the time we were done eating the number was 37


(yup i have a role call…… so what)

my point?

I want women to stop bending over backwards trying to be the wifey…..


not your promise ring…. get your life together “wifey boo”

if that man isnt clamoring all over town professing his admiration for you then you don’t do the same

In my last relationship .. .about 2 months in… i allowed this fool to call me his wife…. BIG MISTAKE…. engaged or not…. i wasnt the wife….. even the family called me that



understand me????

JUST STOP IT…. cos that is where we all mess up…

tell him to go make YOU a sandwich after sex…..

sex him then leave……..

don’t sex him at all……….

DONT BRING THEM TO YOUR HOUSE… you want to see me… see me out sucka!!!!!!

standards chicks standards…

TRUST it will be you crying about all the shit you did for him and he never did anything for you

cos you never REQUIRED him to do….

you have to teach a dog how to bow and beg….

men are no different


is there any boys around that know how to make a girl feel?

P.s the same way Terria cant talk to any lames in this video is the same way my boys block the idiots that try to holla at me all day long….lol (shout out to paul , jay, kem)
lyrics attached 🙂