Rudeboy Video: The Next Best Thing To Naked Rihanna Pictures

it don't matter if you're black or white

Having 6 Rihanna’s to one’s self is just ridiculous. Don’t be greedy, call your homies over for backup.

3 Rihannas

Now this is a little more manageable.

Maybe She's looking for a Leo

Being born on August the 12th, i took this image personally.  I wish this came out before I met her. She woulda had some ‘splainin to do at M2.

Rihanna at M2 In New York City

Oh yeah, here’s Rihanna’s full Rudeboy video. Make sure you’re boss isn’t looking. By boss, that might mean the guy or girl in the corner office or your wife in the corner of your bedroom looking over your shoulder.

If you’re feeling froggy, here’s those Naked Rihanna Pics.

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Why Kanye West Is The Man…Part 2 With A Side of Damn Amber!

Her outfit...bawse

Here’s 1,000 words for you. The first one starts with an “F.” Pics found on MissInfo’s site.

Closer … No Neyo (the Sexy Amber Rose)

These are kinda NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Only a few hours left anyway. Don’t get fired.

Amber if you have a google alert on your name…your welcome. Here I go.

It gets better than this though: [more pics]

Cubana Lust + Your Eyes = Great Success

i have nothing to say.

i have nothing to say. Click The Pic For More.

“great success” is the antonym of “epic fail.” Cubana Lust = “Great Success.”

To see Cubana Lust in the Jacuzzi.

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Pharrell + Man Purse = Crashing Down???

shoutout to Eben Gregory

Pharrell + Purple Man Purse. What.

Pharrell + Purple Man Purse. What.

LOL. I am a Pharrell + N.E.R.D. Fan — is there where it “all comes crashing down?”

twit game proper.

twit game proper

Kanye’s Still My #2 Favorite Rapper But…

Kanye Doesn't Care About Clothes People.

Kanye Doesn't Care About Clothes People.

found at doncerinos blog. even if its not so much Kanye, his left and rights fail bad

Picture of The Day (Whenever I Remember) #1