“Motorcycle Diaries: El Che”

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In the Midst of the era of hipster chic and southern bop and sway, the lyricist is still relevant. More so than the lyricist is the ability to connect to fans on a level that supersedes the radio single or the mainstream video. Chicago artist Rhymefest has taken his music and hit the streets with it by literally staying with fans as a means to showcase his music and connect on a face to face level. In an industry that is falling maybe if all artists showcased this type of dedication, there sales would stop plummeting. And mind you this man is the Grammy award winning co-writer of Jesus Walks and various other hits.

Moruf: New Jersey State Of Mind

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Moruf is an up and coming artist out of the Garden State who impressed me with his real hip-hop lyrics and production. While the song is relatively short, it gives you an idea of the skill this guy has.


Moruf Representing New Jersey

Listen to Moruf’s “Chief Rocka” Freestyle here:

Lupe says “He can’t fuck with Eminem”

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During a recent performance, Lupe promises to release a new mixtape Fahrenheit 1/15 (Part 6) to drop November 25th. While also adressing that he will stake he has the game covered aside from Eminem.