Damn Jump Off – – is Fab really knee deep in your girl?

Ransom | Joe Budden Beef…I’m normally not into this but this guy is FUNNY

I am a Dipset Fan…But.. F*ckit LOL

Kids are mean…very mean.

XZIBIT is Exhibit A for my JOKE: PIcture # 2

Rule to Remember: (Twitter and in Real Life)

Remember these Rules:
NO matter how cool you become, there’s always someone who feels like they are too cool to talk to you. Remember that. Don’t get mad at your twitter “friends” for not twitting you back. It’s twitter. When you talk to people in person and they ignore you, now that’s a problem.

Picture of The Day (Whenever I Remember) #1

The Video That Got 1/2 Million Hits in 2 DAYS

Rakim One of the Greatest… Vladtv.com | Exclusive of course

Please Say The "Baby," or He Will Be UPSET!!!

You know, I gain more and more respect for Weezy because of the way the other artists speak about his WORK ETHIC. | You Go Weezy.

I Told Jay I Did A Song With ColdPlay, Next Thing You Know…

Coldplay feat. Jay-Z – “Lost” [High Quality]

My Cool MySpace Page Sucks

I tried SEVERAL times this evening to make a cool MySpace page. After all, thats what everyone else is doing, right? Nah, I’m good. I cancelled them and traded them in for this BLOG. I like facebook better anyway.

DNA Boy Tell ‘Em

I am a fan of Charles Hamilton, but this was just TOO FUNNY. Even he posted it on his own blog.