The Knocks Remix: Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”


UPDATE: Almost a year later, this song is now being used in the new PALM PIXI phone commercials by sprint. $$$$.

I was in the studio countless days, when they were making this remix, and I heard this song 10 Kajillion times and it annoyed me until i finally gave in and LIKED IT, THEN LOVED IT. So here is the press on the joint. – Radio

JPat and B-Roc

JPat and B-Roc

Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” is a gem since its birth. It’s like a bird beeping through the silent livingroom and entertaining a family, by blowing away boredom. So it’s quite coherent to raise a brow by reading the lines, that a brandnew rmx of it arrived the wide fields of digital tune-releases.

The Knocks, a NYC producer duo comprised of 21 year old Dj B-Roc & 22 year old Mr. Jpatt, fielding their remix for Sleepyhead, that possesses at least the same caratage as the original. In fact a remix usually owes the original a debt of gratitude, but we’re just simple countrymen and think Passion Pit should be thankful leastwise for that work by his labelmates, besides that amount of bad work floating around.

We want to blank out the adulation and information about who did what already, spinned with whom and remixed which tune to an official remix. You can check that all on your own on The Knocks Space.
Sleepyhead is a track that’ll never let you go.

Download it here.