Joe Budden Disputes Tahiry Saying That He Beat Her, Says He Caught Her Cheating

Joe Budden states a few items that I find valuable for discussion, whether one agrees with him or not:

1- is “mushing” a woman okay? under what circumstances? He says he caught her cheating.

He says, “I mushed the shit out of her ass.” “…and I think she was asking to get mushed.”

2- he states that cheating can be good, because once a person does it and feels remorseful they may be driven to remain monogamous after that.

3- how do we forgive people as a society? If he really did beat her…should we even forgive him? Chris Brown? Is it our business?

Personally, as Tahiry is a friend of mine, I believe her side of the story…but share your thoughts on these points if you feel so inclined.

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Oh It’s Like That? The Art of Cutting People Off & Feelin’ A Way About It by @Rahim_VladTV

“Lost a couple friends, this whole shit got weird.” – Jay-Z, Do You Wanna Ride,  Kingdom Come
So let’s get right into it.
I won’t slander this female whatsoever because, that’s not what this is about. This isn’t a diss song, it’s a real song.
Also, she’s a very amazing person, pretty inside and out, and we’re ultimately on the Same Team.
But I feel some kind of way.
So today right, I get a phone call from an old but new friend. An old friend because I have known her for a while, but new because I have literally only seen her once or twice. (Friend #1)
That conversation went great, and we ended up building, but the person was calling in reference to ANOTHER friend, who I have known even longer, and had conversation upon conversation with, and even extensively engaged in business with in the past.
So friend 1 asks about friend 2 (on a business level).
I say “oh yeah sure I know her, she’s great and I would connect you two, but we just don’t speak as much.
Then I decided that because I love to build bridges for people so that they can network, I’ma link this.
Ayit, bet.
I’m like, let me hit up friend #2 so I can co-sign friend #1….
I’m already on facebook, so let me just send friend#2 a quick message and see what she thinks.
So I try to type F#2’s name in the search bar, and NOTHING COMES UP.


Ayit bet, so now eyebrows raised, I go and type in their name fully and I get this:

got 'em?

So the first thing I think to myself is, THAT SON OF A ……. what the hell?
Note: Removing someone on facebook is like damn. Twitter, yeah you unfollow someone because maybe you don’t want to be exposed to their tweets all day…but deleting someone who you are friends with in real life from your facebook page is like throwing a bone into quicksand and sending your dog to go get it. You’re really not interested in seeing them in any way shape or form again.

So then, I go on an analytic rampage, trying to come up with all the reasons why friend #2 would do that, I don’t remember ever having beef with them or any situation where we wouldn’t at least be cordial. And I couldn’t come up with any. In my mind, I begin to try and come up for reasons why I shouldn’t like the person. That’s pretty wack, I know but I felt as if them not liking me would justify my childish thoughts anyway. Also, I can think whatever I want, so thanks.
“(S)he who does not feel me is not real to me therefore they don’t even exist so poof, vamoose son of a b….”
Yeah I look to rap verses sometimes to put things in perspective. You’d do it too if you were me.
So I’m starting to get all crazy, trying to come up with beef, put pieces together, and I even get angry at myself for still co-signing her even after we ceased working together, all that.
So here’s the kicker: I go one last time and type in her name…scroll down the page, and BAM.
She has two accounts.
We were connected on her primary account the whole time.
Get it?
There’s a moral to this story.
I felt all betrayed and upset those whole 15 minutes, FOR NO REASON.
I actually found this out while I was throwing darts at a picture of her writing this blog…at first I didn’t know what direction I was going with it but here I am.
Hopefully I could help “learn us” a little something about our friends, old and new.
ASSumptions are still alive, they just be concealing it.
Premature judgement is like premature ejaculation… too much, too soon.
Catch my drift?
Now forward this to someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while, and see if you can hash out some foolishness, that you know was really YOUR FAULT not that serious.
Comments? Want to just make laugh at me for being wrong? Go for it below.
Friend #2 will probably read this…my bad!
Hey at least I didn’t badmouth you to anyone else still, even when I was “mad.” Let’s hug it out one day.
*Drops mic*
Rahim The Dream (new handle –i’ll explain later, but for now let me get back to this paper) Wright.

Brooklyn Hospital Brawl – Two Families Fighting inside Brookdale Hospital (Caught on Tape)

Black people! We have got to do better…damn

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Keep Ya Bidness Out The Tweets: Top 5 Ways To Get Caught On Twitter

It’s Twitney, Bitch!” – Anonymous

Twitter! Home of just about everybody right now…right? This damn new “thing” adds an unnecessary level of f*ckery to our everyday lives, whether public or private. With quick and easy first hand access to so many people, one would think that they have hit the gold mine with regards to pimpin.

I beg to differ, and I have 5 million reasons why:

1. Everything you say is “googlable.” Yes, I don’t give a f*ck about At least not yet…Google is still the search engine of champions. If people want to know something about anything, they “google” it. Some of you have screennames that are extremely uncreative (you used your real name).Game over for you if you try to get cute and say some slick sh*t, and it ends up popping up as the first line in your girlfriends random google search. Got ’em.

*note that even if your partner doesn’t have twitter, this is how you can still “get got.”

2. Sending messages that should be DM’s. Oh sh*t! Some of us send mad reckless tweets to more than one female at a time! Chicks y’all be wyling alot too. Don’t get reported to @hoecop, seriously. You know that “@replies” are fed to everyone, right? …and then there’s the literal f*ckups , like being on ubertwitter and squealing “oh sh*t” after publicly asking @yourconcubine for the time to meet at the hotel so you can get it on. I know, you thought you were sending a DM. Your bad.

*Twitterberry is good for doing people dirty with this one.

3. Your pleasures mix with your dirty business – Are you really going to go on your shorty’s page every single day to check to see who she’s f*cking following? Do you have that kind of time? I don’t. Chances are, due to all the “retweeting,” group “@replies,” and “#followfridays, the one your lovin may end up followin; the one you be humpin. One may say something really witty, and they may end up adding each other, and even becoming way cooler with each other than you’d ever like them to be. I’m sure you can figure out the endless possibilities for FML which can arise thereafter.

4. Shorty Does An “@name” search Oh yes, your not gonna like this one, pimp. Hey you know how you can do a search for whatever you want in twitter? Haha, well, your shorty can easily type your twittername “@twitterpimp” in the twitter search box, and see all the shit that OTHER PEOPLE were writing to you! Remember that time you told her you were going to sleep at 9pm? Lol. Meanwhile you were out somewhere “getting it in,” while your company was there tweeting about it to you. Some people do that. Anyway, you can’t delete those.

5. Fake Twitter Accounts – This is the grandmother of all f*ckery. Someeone going out of their way to create a twitter account to follow you and all the people that you talk to. Beyond stalker, in a land beyond wrong or right? However, I have seen sh*t like this done before.

Moral of the post: Don’t lie, or don’t tweet.

Honorable Mentions: Predictable passwords, leaving your computer on, tweeting about how you cheated

Did I miss anything? I think I covered from the mini slip ups to the flat out sabotage.

Let me know what I missed! We welcome your comments below.

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chris brown aww done schmacked the wrong female

chris brown aww done schmacked the wrong female

Mixed Martial Artist Din Thomas knocked Gabe Lemley out on Saturday night and then offered his fighting services to Rihanna as well.

Thomas fought on the under card of March Badness, a PPV fight that featured Roy Jones, Jr. in Pensacola, Florida. After his victory over Lemley, Thomas called out Chris Brown.

“It’s not cool to put your hands on a woman,” Thomas said from the ring. “So Rhianna, if you want someone to kick his a**, holler at me.”

Thomas, a native of Wilmington, Delaware, knocked out his opponent with a vicious knee to the face.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor is a featherweight that weighs about 145 when he is actively training.

He is also renown for his knockout power and his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

In an exclusive interview, Thomas went into further detail, while acknowledging his offer to Rihanna still stands. “I’m not a bully,” Thomas explained to exclusively. “Anytime you try to take advantage of a person, whether it’s a girl or a kid its just plain wrong. It’s generally called a mat bully [in MMA]. And in my place, it gets dealt with. They say we don’t know what happened, but she didn’t go in the car with two black eyes and bite marks. There should be no point where you have to beat a girl like that. I don’t like to see bullies take advantage of people.”

In related news, R&B singer/actor Tyrese has revealed that Chris Brown is experiencing stress from the pressures surrounding the Rihanna case.

“Although he appears to be really strong through all of this, it’s really taking a toll on his spirit,” Tyrese stated in an interview with on Sunday. “People like me and Puff [Diddy], we’re just trying to show him love and keep his spirits up while he’s going through all of the heat, and there are a lot people doing the same for Rihanna.”

Brown faces arraignment on April 6 on felony assault charges and making criminal threats from an alleged attack against Rihanna on February 8.
“It’s really hard for him to focus right now on his music, even though he really wants to,” Gibson continued. “At the end of the day, I’m not trying to justify it because wrong is wrong, but unfortunately, us as entertainers, we have to grow up onstage with a lot of people looking at us.”


ROYAL RUMBLE AT THE AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL AUDITION… hopefully no faces were harmed in this f*ckery.