What Kicking Rocks Means – by Cherise Armstrong

kICK ROCKS is a statement that’s meant to let you know to go fuck yourself. Its not a very nice thing to say to anyone..nor is it a nice action to perform.Its been said in other ways but the meaning remains the same..for example..”go skip rocks in a pond”. There are other staments that mean to go fuck yourself like, go jump off a roof..or even go play in traffic…My favorite is “GO KICK ROCKS WITH YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS. Now once you’ve said that statement out loud and to yourself..just think about it..picture someone jus walkin..kickin rocks..with their hands in their pockets..no purpose no destination..jus walkin n kickin them fuckin rocks….(aint that some fucked up shit lol) so if anyone ever lets you kno that thats what you need to do..tell them to go fuck themselves or say nigga come with me ..if i got to go n kick some muthafuckin rocks, nigga you come with me AND..keep me some muthafuckin company… I JUST THOUGHT YOOU SHUD KNOW YOU MAKE ME FUCKIN SICK!…literally