Joe Budden Disputes Tahiry Saying That He Beat Her, Says He Caught Her Cheating

Joe Budden states a few items that I find valuable for discussion, whether one agrees with him or not:

1- is “mushing” a woman okay? under what circumstances? He says he caught her cheating.

He says, “I mushed the shit out of her ass.” “…and I think she was asking to get mushed.”

2- he states that cheating can be good, because once a person does it and feels remorseful they may be driven to remain monogamous after that.

3- how do we forgive people as a society? If he really did beat her…should we even forgive him? Chris Brown? Is it our business?

Personally, as Tahiry is a friend of mine, I believe her side of the story…but share your thoughts on these points if you feel so inclined.

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Oh It’s Like That? The Art of Cutting People Off & Feelin’ A Way About It by @Rahim_VladTV

“Lost a couple friends, this whole shit got weird.” – Jay-Z, Do You Wanna Ride,  Kingdom Come
So let’s get right into it.
I won’t slander this female whatsoever because, that’s not what this is about. This isn’t a diss song, it’s a real song.
Also, she’s a very amazing person, pretty inside and out, and we’re ultimately on the Same Team.
But I feel some kind of way.
So today right, I get a phone call from an old but new friend. An old friend because I have known her for a while, but new because I have literally only seen her once or twice. (Friend #1)
That conversation went great, and we ended up building, but the person was calling in reference to ANOTHER friend, who I have known even longer, and had conversation upon conversation with, and even extensively engaged in business with in the past.
So friend 1 asks about friend 2 (on a business level).
I say “oh yeah sure I know her, she’s great and I would connect you two, but we just don’t speak as much.
Then I decided that because I love to build bridges for people so that they can network, I’ma link this.
Ayit, bet.
I’m like, let me hit up friend #2 so I can co-sign friend #1….
I’m already on facebook, so let me just send friend#2 a quick message and see what she thinks.
So I try to type F#2’s name in the search bar, and NOTHING COMES UP.


Ayit bet, so now eyebrows raised, I go and type in their name fully and I get this:

got 'em?

So the first thing I think to myself is, THAT SON OF A ……. what the hell?
Note: Removing someone on facebook is like damn. Twitter, yeah you unfollow someone because maybe you don’t want to be exposed to their tweets all day…but deleting someone who you are friends with in real life from your facebook page is like throwing a bone into quicksand and sending your dog to go get it. You’re really not interested in seeing them in any way shape or form again.

So then, I go on an analytic rampage, trying to come up with all the reasons why friend #2 would do that, I don’t remember ever having beef with them or any situation where we wouldn’t at least be cordial. And I couldn’t come up with any. In my mind, I begin to try and come up for reasons why I shouldn’t like the person. That’s pretty wack, I know but I felt as if them not liking me would justify my childish thoughts anyway. Also, I can think whatever I want, so thanks.
“(S)he who does not feel me is not real to me therefore they don’t even exist so poof, vamoose son of a b….”
Yeah I look to rap verses sometimes to put things in perspective. You’d do it too if you were me.
So I’m starting to get all crazy, trying to come up with beef, put pieces together, and I even get angry at myself for still co-signing her even after we ceased working together, all that.
So here’s the kicker: I go one last time and type in her name…scroll down the page, and BAM.
She has two accounts.
We were connected on her primary account the whole time.
Get it?
There’s a moral to this story.
I felt all betrayed and upset those whole 15 minutes, FOR NO REASON.
I actually found this out while I was throwing darts at a picture of her writing this blog…at first I didn’t know what direction I was going with it but here I am.
Hopefully I could help “learn us” a little something about our friends, old and new.
ASSumptions are still alive, they just be concealing it.
Premature judgement is like premature ejaculation… too much, too soon.
Catch my drift?
Now forward this to someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while, and see if you can hash out some foolishness, that you know was really YOUR FAULT not that serious.
Comments? Want to just make laugh at me for being wrong? Go for it below.
Friend #2 will probably read this…my bad!
Hey at least I didn’t badmouth you to anyone else still, even when I was “mad.” Let’s hug it out one day.
*Drops mic*
Rahim The Dream (new handle –i’ll explain later, but for now let me get back to this paper) Wright.

Haitian Konpa On Hot97 Mr. Cee’s Mix – FREE DOWNLOAD HERE (via @Rahim_VladTV)

Mister Cee went in with the konpa/zouk music on Hot97 to help lift peoples spirits. Here you go

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Love it. Part 1 Part 2

“The Silent Epidemic” by @damnkam “Have You Taken A Look Around Lately?”


it's not always about getting your fat on

post by Damn Kam

Have you taken a look around lately? Noticed anything? Perhaps obesity, and how it’s reared its ugly head in the black community? I have and I can tell you that I’m not pleased. And rightfully so. Long gone are the days where one could cop a plea and use the excuse I wasn’t aware.” We live in the information age for heavens sake, making information readily and easily available…for everyone. The same way you check your man’s web browser history could be the same way you research diabetes and hypertension. Both of these silent epidemics are ravishing the black community in numbers I’m sure you wouldn’t even believe  According to, the prevalence of diabetes among African Americans is about 70% higher than white Americans.  But fine, you don’t feel like going to the gym out of fear that you’ll risk sweating out the hair that took you more than four hours in a hot salon to perfect. I understand that completely. Fine, you’re not interested in keeping the exact waist size you had in college. I understand that completely too. I too have since added some meat on my bones. But what I don’t understand is how a responsible woman can look at herself in the mirror and disregard her health? We can stop the denial and defense mechanisms here.

When you find yourself unable to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling winded and have more gut spilling than maple syrup in the local IHOP, you can proceed to scratch off the idea that you’re a health conscious woman. Sorry ladies just save it. The next time I see a woman checking her hair and make-up and not checking her stomach, I’m going to scream! Where are the priorities? Now, I know you’re wondering why is she coming down so hard on the ladies? Well, I figure someone had to say it before it was too late to save the masses. If this was a Spike joint, MESSAGE would fly across the screen here. And it’s obvious that your so-called “friends” haven’t had the guts to say it to your face. But before you get all upset with me, hear me out first. I do have some gems for you.
The gym is a wonderful place to be ladies! Not only does it help preserve your sexy, but MEN are there…in droves. Wondering where your next date might turn up? Add the gym to your new list of options. And if you’re anything like me, there is never a wrong time in the day for some eye candy. There is a plethora of men in the gym and they are all at your service. Well, maybe not all. How is this possible you may ask? Well, for starters men don’t have hair to worry about certainly not the men you want to be dating. Men are physically self conscious just like women but to a different extent. And hello this is what they think you want. Ladies take your asses to the gym.
That same chick from earlier who was checking her hair and make-up and not checking her stomach surely won’t be found in the gym so that means less competition. Also, so many women are just flat out lazy. All this independent talk: own place, own job, and not one “owned” gym membership? Nothing screams independent more than a woman on top of her health and physical well-being. So to all the ladies who have taken the initiative to get to their local gym, Kudos to you! Now, I know that the gym can be an overwhelming place, but you can’t let the gym culture discourage you. Sure, you’ll encounter some hard core gym rats who may seem intimidating or appear as if they have it all together. This may make you question yourself from time to time. But you can’t focus on that. Focus on how great you’re going to look next summer in that bathing suit or focus on the cutie in front of you working on his abs. Ooh la la!

More importantly, the gym/exercise makes you feel good. Yes, you heard me correctly; it makes you feel great! You’re releasing endorphins, ridding your body of toxins, and clearing your head in the process. Sounds like a win-win right? Not to mention it’s been proven that working out does wonders for the skin. Who needs that MAC counter when that skin is glowing naturally? The gym is also known to do wonders for your libido as well. So you’ve burnt off those lunch calories at the gym and once you get home you’re about to burn off even more with some in between the sheets action.

Alright so you’ve figured out that maybe the gym just wasn’t for you. Not a problem because like college the gym isn’t for everybody. A lot of the obesity issues are stemmed from poor eating habits anyway. You know the Mcdonalds for breakfast, Burger King for lunch, and Chinese for dinner schedule. And not to mention all the snacks throughout the day. If you know for a fact that you aren’t going to be an active gym member, better eating habits should become your best friend. In fact, changing the way you eat can ultimately change the way you look. I know the sweets and fattening food will be hard to divorce but think of your heart. Your poor little heart. Its been taking a beating and eventually it will give out on you. Why even let it get to that point? Slowly pace yourself away from the extra stuff. Instead of two slices of cheesecake how about one? And only a slice or two a week but not everyday. Companies have made things a lot easier for you as well. Let’s take these new 100 calorie bag of goodies for example. These are your friend when used correctly. Eating three bags of 100 calorie snacks isn’t helping the cause. As the saying goes, anything bad is good for you in moderation. Apply that to your diet.

No one said it would be easy, but the reward is well worth it in the end (no pun intended). Start replacing some of those snacks throughout the day with a healthier alternative. Instead of chips how about fruit slices? And did you know a lot of the calories you gain are from drinking sugary drinks like Snapple and sodas? Perhaps opting for water and natural fruit juices would be a better alternative. This process will take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your eating habits certainly won’t change overnight. The key is awareness, identifying, and finding a solution that works best for you. Don’t give up the good fight! Don’t become a statistic to obesity!

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Brooklyn Hospital Brawl – Two Families Fighting inside Brookdale Hospital (Caught on Tape)

Black people! We have got to do better…damn

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NEW! Eminem Disses Soulja Boy “Die Already” [2009] | Radio The Rahim

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wow. okay… now Souljaboy and Mariah Carey are going to make a track about you Em! uh-oh watch out its calledWhy are YUGGGGHHH So obsessed with me!

Radio The Rahim
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Star and Bucwild Go IN on Mase [Ma$e]! Damn [via Radio The Rahim]



Damn I was just having this discussion with a friend last night… I actually liked the “Welcome back” CD…but then he’s confusing the sh*t out of me is he rapping is he preaching? what does his congregation think? Do they still exist? I need questions answered…does he really bounce when the guns clap? Talk to us, Betha.

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Grieving Fans Kill Themselves Over Michael Jackson! [via Radio The Rahim]

via Yahoo News [UK]

The man behind the world’s biggest online Michael Jackson fan club has said heartbroken followers of the star have committed suicide because of his death.

Gary Taylor, president and owner of, said he understood the tragedies had mostly taken place outside of the UK but he believed one may have been British.

“I know there has been an increase, I now believe the figure is 12. I believe there may have been one Briton who has taken their life,” he said.

“It is a serious situation that these people are going through but Michael Jackson would never want this. He would want them to live.”

Jesse Jackson, a friend of the singer, has recorded a YouTube film on the site urging fans not to “self destruct”.

He said: “This is a time when hearts are heavy. There is great pain but great cause to celebrate Michael’s life.

“It made Michael happy saying ‘We Are The World’. Don’t self destruct.

“We fall down sometimes, we get back up. That’s the right thing to do. In Michael’s name let’s live together as brothers and sisters and not die apart as fools.” was formed 10 years ago by Mr Taylor, a London office manager, and has more than 14,000 online users and 30 staff worldwide.

He said the singer’s death had left his fans on the forum “in a surreal place”.

“They can’t accept it, they feel in some sort of different reality,” he said.

“I’m stunned that he’s dead. One minute he is coming here for concerts and the next he is gone.

“I think the funeral will be where the reality kicks in that he is gone and won’t be coming back, there will be a huge depression in the fan community when that happens.”

Thousands of Michael Jackson fans are expected to gather for a vigil on July 13 at the O2 Arena where the star was due to perform.

They will assemble at Canary Wharf from 1pm before moving on to the 02 from 6pm.

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I hate you so much right now!

I hate you so much right now!

The marriage between Queensbridge, NY rapper Nas and R&B songbird Kelis is officially over.

Vibe magazine reports that divorce papers were filed around 3:45 p.m. today (April 30) by attorney Laura Wasser on behalf of Kelis.

The songstress cited verbal abuse and infidelity as the reasons behind the filing.

The split concludes the romantic saga between Nas and Kelis that began when the pair first met in 2002 at an TV Video Music Awards afterparty thrown by rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The meeting at the afterparty resulted in a two year dating relationship that set the stage for Nas and Kelis’ marriage.

the papers son

the papers son

The couple officially tied the knot in a small ceremony in Atlanta on January 8, 2005.

Soon after, Nas and Kelis’ personal union segued into their professional lives, as Nas appeared on Kelis’ “In Public,” a single from her 2003 album Tasty.

Kelis made a cameo of her own with her featured role on Nas’ Hip Hop Is Dead album on the song “Not Going Back.”

Despite their collaborations and personal fondness for each other, rumors of Kelis and Nas separating began surfacing on the Internet in March 2008.

News of the couple’s divorce arrives as Nas and Kelis prepare for the arrival of their first child together.

Kelis is currently seven months pregnant with a son.

*** In the video below Nas talks about how happily married he is! Nice.


the guest author is back again to address y'all

the guest author is back again to address y'all

Thinking that buying chicks a drink is actually getting you somewhere is tricking.  Chicks, always say, I would have given him my number, regardless of whether he bought me a drink or not.  I always have said, when you decide to buy the bottle, you decided to spend the money, so spend the money.  Sometimes it’s just polite to offer a drink to an unsuspecting female, if you help one more female to blame it on the alochol, it may not benefit you, but it’s karma baby, that’s going to come back around.
oh the hoes? that's gonna be an extra $70.

oh the hoes? that's gonna be an extra $70.

Best conversation of my life in Republic Gardens in Washington, DC:
me: this is ridiculous, $100 for a bottle of Moet, I can get in the store for $30.
Bar Manager: oh that Moet costs $30, the hoes cost $70.
I will say that some people buy bottles for other reasons:
(1) They don’t want to wait in line, if you’re going to spend $100 at the bar and $20 on cover.  I’m sure there’s someone else in line thinking the same thing and want to go half.
(2) They don’t like how hard it is to get the drink in a packed club and would like to have their own personal hostess.
(3) It’s a packed club and they want space.
(4) They actually like the attention of being shouffered into the club to a table, sitting behind a table and watching thirsty tricks come by for a drink.  BAWSE.
(5) And most importantly, they got it.

PS – Sneaking a bottle into the club, now that’s BAWSE. Nothing like a random bottle of grey goose appearing in the ice bucket.