Oh It’s Like That? The Art of Cutting People Off & Feelin’ A Way About It by @Rahim_VladTV

“Lost a couple friends, this whole shit got weird.” – Jay-Z, Do You Wanna Ride,  Kingdom Come
So let’s get right into it.
I won’t slander this female whatsoever because, that’s not what this is about. This isn’t a diss song, it’s a real song.
Also, she’s a very amazing person, pretty inside and out, and we’re ultimately on the Same Team.
But I feel some kind of way.
So today right, I get a phone call from an old but new friend. An old friend because I have known her for a while, but new because I have literally only seen her once or twice. (Friend #1)
That conversation went great, and we ended up building, but the person was calling in reference to ANOTHER friend, who I have known even longer, and had conversation upon conversation with, and even extensively engaged in business with in the past.
So friend 1 asks about friend 2 (on a business level).
I say “oh yeah sure I know her, she’s great and I would connect you two, but we just don’t speak as much.
Then I decided that because I love to build bridges for people so that they can network, I’ma link this.
Ayit, bet.
I’m like, let me hit up friend #2 so I can co-sign friend #1….
I’m already on facebook, so let me just send friend#2 a quick message and see what she thinks.
So I try to type F#2’s name in the search bar, and NOTHING COMES UP.


Ayit bet, so now eyebrows raised, I go and type in their name fully and I get this:

got 'em?

So the first thing I think to myself is, THAT SON OF A ……. what the hell?
Note: Removing someone on facebook is like damn. Twitter, yeah you unfollow someone because maybe you don’t want to be exposed to their tweets all day…but deleting someone who you are friends with in real life from your facebook page is like throwing a bone into quicksand and sending your dog to go get it. You’re really not interested in seeing them in any way shape or form again.

So then, I go on an analytic rampage, trying to come up with all the reasons why friend #2 would do that, I don’t remember ever having beef with them or any situation where we wouldn’t at least be cordial. And I couldn’t come up with any. In my mind, I begin to try and come up for reasons why I shouldn’t like the person. That’s pretty wack, I know but I felt as if them not liking me would justify my childish thoughts anyway. Also, I can think whatever I want, so thanks.
“(S)he who does not feel me is not real to me therefore they don’t even exist so poof, vamoose son of a b….”
Yeah I look to rap verses sometimes to put things in perspective. You’d do it too if you were me.
So I’m starting to get all crazy, trying to come up with beef, put pieces together, and I even get angry at myself for still co-signing her even after we ceased working together, all that.
So here’s the kicker: I go one last time and type in her name…scroll down the page, and BAM.
She has two accounts.
We were connected on her primary account the whole time.
Get it?
There’s a moral to this story.
I felt all betrayed and upset those whole 15 minutes, FOR NO REASON.
I actually found this out while I was throwing darts at a picture of her writing this blog…at first I didn’t know what direction I was going with it but here I am.
Hopefully I could help “learn us” a little something about our friends, old and new.
ASSumptions are still alive, they just be concealing it.
Premature judgement is like premature ejaculation… too much, too soon.
Catch my drift?
Now forward this to someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while, and see if you can hash out some foolishness, that you know was really YOUR FAULT not that serious.
Comments? Want to just make laugh at me for being wrong? Go for it below.
Friend #2 will probably read this…my bad!
Hey at least I didn’t badmouth you to anyone else still, even when I was “mad.” Let’s hug it out one day.
*Drops mic*
Rahim The Dream (new handle –i’ll explain later, but for now let me get back to this paper) Wright.

It’s Pimpin, Pimpin (courtesy of seveneighteen)

article courtesy of http://seveneighteen.wordpress.com

It’s Pimpin, Pimpin

May 13, 2009 · No Comments

made you look, didn't it.

made you look, didn't it.

So, they say… a black man is a pimp.

Well, let me tell you this. The biggest pimp on planet Earth…is her mama

Think about it.

It’s her mama that told her, “Get a man that got a good job, girl! Make sure he got a good car, girl! Make sure he can take you out and buy you something, girl!”

Whatever happened to just falling in love with a n—a with a bus pass?!? Just cause you love the dude?!?

But NOOOO. I gotta be the pimp m—erf–ker! I gotta be the player!

Let me tell you something. The biggest hoes on planet Earth are walking through your neighborhood RIGHT NOW.

Woman, you KNEW when you got with the dude, he already had a woman. You KNEW he already had a family.

But what happened? You f–ked him anyway.

And then when you thought you gonna lose ol’ boy, what happened?

Oh, let me guess. You went and got pregnant. Didn’t you bitch, DIDN’T YOU?

Where I’m from , we call that the old “Keep A N–a Baby.”

(Which is effed up on so many levels. I’d hate to ever think I coulda have been called that. But I digress)

And then, when boy boy ain’t around (because he knew to stop f–king with your crazy, deranged, unstable ass), what do you tell the child?

Probably something along the lines of , “Aww that n—a ain’t shit! That’s why your daddy ain’t here…cause that n—a ain’t shit!”
I have a better idea. You’re probably not gonna like it, which means I know it’s a good idea.

How about being a woman, and telling the kid the truth?

That you…were…a…jump…off.


“Momma was a hoe, I was weekend p—y, I had you to keep the dude, it didn’t work out and that’s why he ain’t here. But he’s a good dude. After all, he takes care of his REAL family. I was just a dumb broad, trying to keep a dude that I wanted.”

Sometimes, the gospel hurts, but that’s why it’s the gospel.

© 1999 Eddie Griffin. No, I didn’t make this up. But I wish I did.

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