Big Pun’s Son, Benzino’s Son – “Baby Boo” [Music Video]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

this is a pretty old vid, but wow Baby Pun’s verse had me feeling nostalgic!

2 Responses

  1. That was a really positive video. I just loved seeing baby pun. His father was a legend. These kids didn’t try to act older than they were. We’ll definitely put the word out about this cool video.

  2. It’s Official – go to “” and come support me on my journey to finally make 163rd and Rogers Place the new home of “BIG PUN PLACE” I believe you should never give up on your dreams and if any walls are in your way break them down till your voice is heard- I believe second times a charm not the third so sign the petition for “WE WANT PUN PLACE” on the website and be part of history. Ms. Nicole Rodriguez, sister of the late Christopher “Big Pun” Rios, embarks on a journey to fulfill the dream of herself and the fans of one of the greatest to touch the mic. Ms. Rodriguez is committed to turning Rogers Place near 163rd in the Bronx to th…at of her brother’s name. Nicole shares that BIG PUN was a “True New Yorker” who loved where he was from and loved his people. With all the opportunities to leave his home town, he refused and chose to stay to his roots. Rogers Place and 163rd has become a place where locals, tourists come to pay homage and show respect to one of their beloved own. This is a petition to include fans all around and his supporters of his native New York community. If you are in favor of not only seeing but being a part of history, please fill out this petition in entirety and let it be known that you are for “Big Pun Place.”

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