the guest author is back again to address y'all

the guest author is back again to address y'all

Thinking that buying chicks a drink is actually getting you somewhere is tricking.  Chicks, always say, I would have given him my number, regardless of whether he bought me a drink or not.  I always have said, when you decide to buy the bottle, you decided to spend the money, so spend the money.  Sometimes it’s just polite to offer a drink to an unsuspecting female, if you help one more female to blame it on the alochol, it may not benefit you, but it’s karma baby, that’s going to come back around.
oh the hoes? that's gonna be an extra $70.

oh the hoes? that's gonna be an extra $70.

Best conversation of my life in Republic Gardens in Washington, DC:
me: this is ridiculous, $100 for a bottle of Moet, I can get in the store for $30.
Bar Manager: oh that Moet costs $30, the hoes cost $70.
I will say that some people buy bottles for other reasons:
(1) They don’t want to wait in line, if you’re going to spend $100 at the bar and $20 on cover.  I’m sure there’s someone else in line thinking the same thing and want to go half.
(2) They don’t like how hard it is to get the drink in a packed club and would like to have their own personal hostess.
(3) It’s a packed club and they want space.
(4) They actually like the attention of being shouffered into the club to a table, sitting behind a table and watching thirsty tricks come by for a drink.  BAWSE.
(5) And most importantly, they got it.

PS – Sneaking a bottle into the club, now that’s BAWSE. Nothing like a random bottle of grey goose appearing in the ice bucket.

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  1. You are buying the woman a drink in exchange for her time, she had to stand up there and listen to your whole spiel didnt she? Get the girl a drink so she doesn’t get too bored too quickly or think you are a cheapskate just trying to get her number lol .Time is valuable.

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